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hot yoga
90 min
This class is a series of Hatha, Vinyasa and Ashtanga poses done in the same sequence. We start with a standing series and end with a floor series.The focus is on alignment, form and breath. It is done in a heated room. Class is held in a heated room in order to detoxify your body and cleanse your soul, warming up the muscles to increase the stretch and to decrease the risk of injury.
So, be ready to sweat a lot and work hard!

A one hour class that is a unique blend of dance movements and yoga poses that open the heart, energize the spirit and let your spirits soar!!

hot flow
90 min
A heart opening flow of poses, twists, binds, inversions and balances in a moderately heated room .You will feel stronger, more free, and happier when you are done. Each instructor's class is unique and all levels are welcome. Breathe through the poses, work your core, open your heart and mind and feel the glow from Hot Flow throughout your whole day! For every HOT FLOW I VINYASA class, the poses are different depending on the instructor and level of students that day. No two classes are alike. Here we have much less external heat and much more internal heat. We're not talking about external heat here.... we are talking about the heat we build from within.

60 min
Performed mainly as floor work stressing core strength. You will build abdominal muscles, upper body, legs, glutes and lower back strength as well. Through proper alignment and breathing you will create long, lean muscles, just like a ballerina. This class is for all levels and will offer modifications to suit everyone, from beginner through advanced levels.

hour of power
60 min
This 1 hour Hot Yoga class is the same series as the full 90 minute class but the length of all the poses is significantly shorter. We do both a standing and floor series. You will feel a full head-to-toe stretch and detox which is done in an hour! Get ready to sweat, flow and be rejuvenated.

hot music class
90 min
This Friday night class has become a tradition here at Colts Neck Yoga! It is the same series of poses as the Hot Yoga class.  It is a free-flowing class which is done to all different styles of music and is a great way to end your week and flow right into your weekend!!
*Not recommended for first-time students because there is no dialogue guiding the pose sequence.

work your asana
60 min
A Total body workout designed to tone and sculpt every major muscle group. We
flow through Sun Salutations and other yoga postures while incorporating cardio,
core work and upper body strength to compliment your yoga practice. This intense
but easy to follow program allows you to push your strength and flexibility to
new heights. All levels. HEATED.

ballet barre
60 min
This class is done in a moderately heated room and starts on the floor. We align our spines, open our hips and focus on strengthening our centers before coming to the barre.There is a full slow, adult beginner ballet barre done which takes you through all the basic ballet exercises while focusing on technique and proper alignment. Very helpful for enhancing your balance!

children's yoga
60 min
This yoga class is for children ages 7-11 years old. The class consists of learning how to breathe, focus and express your feelings through yoga and meditation exercises. There is no heat and each child is given individual attention in a safe, fun and relaxed environment!

private lessons
Private lessons available upon request for any of the above classes!
call the studio (732) 866-9999 or
to schedule a private lesson.