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Ann Yocum Bio- ERYT 500
Owner/Director Colts Neck Yoga

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Training Testimonials

Training Testimonial- Melissa Dilger

I was at first hesitant to do the teacher training. I had been practicing for 7 years at the time and simply enjoyed just doing yoga. I liked the physical benefits as well as the overall way I felt after each practice. I decided I needed to take my practice further and signed up for the teacher training.

It was not what I had fully was better! I learned so much more about myself and how wonderful yoga is. I was able to connect with myself on a level that I never had before. With each training session,  I was able to understand what I wanted from my personal practice more and more. In addition to learning the poses, I enjoyed learning about the chakras and the human body from Kathy. She took my understanding to another level. I am now excited to try and pass on what I have learned from Ann and Kathy to all students and future students of mine.


Training Testimonial- Joanne Cornell

Ann's Teacher Training Program at CNY was a wonderful experience and a truly fulfilling journey. Her guidance, support and passion throughout the training was never ending. Not only did I learn the series of her class, but the meaning, benefits, and details of each pose made me that much more appreciative. From the first day of learning pranayama breathing to the last day of reciting the entire 90 minute series, I gained more than I ever imagined. I am very thankful for the opportunity to train under Ann and hope to bring as much love and passion as she does, into every class I teach.


Training Testimonial- Angelina Mannino

I started the Hot Yoga Teaching training during the time when I was a first year high school English teacher. With that being said, I was nervous as to how I was going to handle accomplishing the requirements needed to earn my certification while I was a novice teacher. However after six months of vigorous training, and through Ann’s support at Colts Neck Yoga, I successfully completed my 200-hour training. The experience that I had with this training was one of the best decisions that I have ever made in my life.

The Hot Yoga 200-hour training at Colts Neck studio helps an individual realize his/her full potential as a yoga practitioner as it guides the person to be his/her best person in life. This training gave me overall confidence in not only teaching hot yoga, but also in my every day life. I gained the knowledge that was applicable to the yoga sequence, yoga anatomy, and also knowledge as to how to react to specific situations as a yoga instructor. From all of this gained knowledge, I was able to get through many stressors in my everyday professional and social life. It is such an honor to have had this experience and have the opportunity to guide others on their yoga journey, on and off the mat.


Training Testimonial- Jeanne Kennedy

I am truly grateful for the opportunity to participate in the teacher training at Colts Neck Hot Yoga. The training exceeded my expectations in every way. I really learned a lot about myself; sometimes in unexpected ways. Whether you want to teach or just deepen your personal practice, I encourage you to enroll. The training was both challenging and rewarding at the same time. There was a wonderful sense of community, and everyone supported one another. We had our share of tears and laughter, and at the end of training I think we all felt more than prepared and confident to teach. Ann and Kathy are both incredibly knowledgeable and disciplined, but at the same time they are very inspiring and
teach from the heart. It was bittersweet when our training ended, and I will always look back with deep appreciation on the entire experience.








Ann started her Hot Yoga practice after ending her career as a former Radio City Rockette and professional dancer. Coming to the mat to practice hot yoga for the first time at Colts Neck Yoga after her right hip was replaced in 1999, she made it her goal to not only gain back strength in her hip, but to redevelop herself in mind, body and spirit. Through the discipline of her hot yoga practice she became inspired to train and become a hot yoga teacher herself.

She trained under Michelle Delpresto- Certified Bikram teacher and then went on to develop her practice in vinyasa flow, children’s yoga and incorporate and design her own Hot Yoga series which she firmly believes in and teaches at her studio – Colts Neck Yoga.

She took over Colts Neck Yoga 9 years ago and has taught thousands of students and has trained all of her present hot yoga teachers in her Hot Yoga series. Through another hip replacement and even more discipline she overcame many limitations by practicing Hot Yoga. At Butler University in Indiana she studied physiology and anatomy and now continues to apply her years of dance and yoga training to enhance her teaching and yoga practice. For the past 20 years teaching and training students in all forms of dance and hot yoga have enhanced every aspect of her life emotionally, physically and spiritually.

The emphasis of Ann’s hot yoga training will be on training teachers how to teach. Stressing the importance of relating to each and every student no matter what their level of practice is. She will be focusing on the importance of how to teach with focus, integrity, confidence and warmth. Ann will be showing the trainees how to embrace the unique and special qualities within themselves which will make them better teachers. She wants to apply the years of knowledge and experience as a teacher and business owner to all who train and practice with her.

With great joy and passion she has opened her 200 Hour Hot Yoga teacher training to all who love her Hot Yoga series and will continue to inspire others on a daily basis in every hot yoga class they teach.