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Here are some testimonials of students' experiences while taking...
"You stay at the age that you started doing YOGA!" (Ann Yocum)

Finnbar McCallion 30-day Challenge Testimonial:

    The Colts Neck Hot Yoga 30-day Challenge, couldn't have come at a better time for me. I wanted to get back into yoga for awhile; days had turned into months since my last practice, and before I knew it life had pulled me away. It wasn't until I had gotten some bad news that a longtime childhood friend past away, did I return. At the time, I found myself feeling lost and needing something to put my energy into.  Every day of the challenge, I kept a journal and set an intention for the class. At first, it was really humbling to work through the motions, but within days I found a positive focus that helped me ground myself during this difficult time. Hot yoga, has always been more therapeutic than anything else I have ever tried. There is something about the combination of the heat and pressure of the routine that is so healing. The challenge really culminates with the intention, the process, the time, the heat, and the pressure in such a way, where it makes real transformation possible.
    I still have a ways to go with my healing process but I'm grateful and happy that yoga and this challenge was there for me to start me on my way. I just want to say thank you to Ann and all the great instructors at CNY for the last 30 days.

Finnbar McCallion


Jenny Puchta- 30-Day Challenge testimonial

Ann and the CNY team are really interested in their client's well-being.  You will see it in every class.  The yoga instructors are able to work with students at all levels from total beginner to the advanced.  They encourage you to do your personal best.  If you are looking to do hot yoga, this is a great place.  You will feel welcome at each and every class you take!  I'm so glad my friend introduced me to Colts Neck Yoga!!


Dearest Ann, Karen and Maryann,

Your passion for this practice is admirable and addicting, which is why this "challenge" was much more of a journey for me. During each and every class, you strive to address your student’s personal goals and encourage them to acknowledge their strength and abilities.

Now, 30 days later, I feel amazing! My body looks and feels longer and leaner; I feel detoxified, energized, balanced, flexible, strong and aware. My husband, whom I’ve been with for 13 years, has noticed “a shift.” While I can go on about all the positives he’s mentioned, (one thing sticks much more than the comments about my body) he simply said, “Christine, you’ve found what does it for you.”  While this sounds so insignificant, this was so much more meaningful to hear  because he was seeing what I was feeling.

For all these changes… I have you- Ann, Karen and Maryann to thank. I thank you, not for being great instructors- (although you are ;) I thank you all for helping me realize my ability to use my body, my breath and my mat to become calm, strong and focused. You have provided me with such mental and physical awareness, that I never want to lose sight of.

You ladies have been so supportive, warm, friendly and consistent, that each day coming back to the studio was pleasure. Now, I don’t know about you, but how many things can you really take pleasure in where your hot and sweaty??? Because for me, there’s one other, besides yoga!! I digress.... In all seriousness, ladies- Thank you for your unwavering positive energy, knowledge and dedication. In such a short time, I’ve found my dedication to this practice, as it’s made me feel like the “perfect version of me.” I look forward to growing and continuing my practice as your ever so happy and grateful student!

All the Best,
Christine Schuler


Hi Annie, Karen and Delynn

I just wanted to thank you guys for the amazing difference you have made in my life by supporting me through my 30 day experience – It took me 35 days but I did it and I am so proud.

I want you to know how deeply you have been part of this time in my life.  It’s been a real transformation.

And thank you all – thank you!!!

Love Belinda

Yoga intensive Journal…

Day 35

30th class today.

I am so so so proud of myself

I am grounded, strong, feel like I am walking on air….

This was a huge accomplishment for me

Yaya Me


Yoga intensive journal….

Day 11 today, and 1 day off… finally I am over the hump… loved my class today… I am feeling amazing, and so proud of myself.  I have to take tomorrow off too… have Cejay’s birthday dinner and during the day a real estate training and also a meeting with Montessori.

I am feeling so grounded mentally – bursting with new ideas and loving my life.  Emotionally I am also so calm and settled and actually feel joy.  Even though Chuck and I are in our 7th day of not speaking – his choice, I still feel great and inspired and excited about life… Not gonna let his energy get on me.

Well that is all for now…. This is good stuff

Monday October 18th

Oh I get it – this is supposed to be fun, and light and ahhhhaaaaa

Took it easy today, enjoyed the music, was kind to myself, listened to my body.

At first I was messed up cause it was a music class – oh no, I am supposed to be listening more – but she’s not talking …oh shit, what now.

Oh listen to my heart, my body, I see….hee hee

I do feel lots of openings in my body

Sunday Oct 17 – Day 3

Mediocre class – felt lots of pain in my right shoulder.  I was a little lazy today… or let me rephrase it… wiped out.

I spent so much time making myself wrong.

Too fat, too off balance, not supple enough, not strong enough

Ahhh boring

Had a fight with Cejay, then Kayla then Chuck – what is up w that?????

Feel angry today

Saturday October 16th – day 2

What a great class, felt giddy after, so full of love.

I really listened to the words today, I thought “wow what if I brought this kind of listening to the rest of my life?  Could I listen to my kids like I listened to Delyn today?  I always have so much to say, maybe I could listen a little more.

My hamstring is a mess – hurt like hell.  Maybe something is blocked in there.

Balance was better, and strength was amazing, really felt my core working hard.

Feel really calm and happy.

Today is Friday October 15th, and it’s the first day of my 30 day yoga intensive.  I am going to try and do 30 classes in 34 days – my 30th class will be on Nov 18th.

I am also quitting any drinking for 34 days – doing a bit of a cleanse.

I weigh 140 lbs first time I have weighed myself in 4 years.  I don’t really have a goal weight inmind, maybe 10 lb’s would be nice, but not the first goal.

I do have some other goals – if one can call them that.  It’s more about clarity, peace, joy, love, and money.  Those are the areas I would like to see some changes in my life.  That is all I want to put out in the universe about this 34 day ride – I want it to unfold organically – let go of too much attachment and control.

After today I feel good, strong, lean, and powerful.  I notice though some sadness in my heart…maybe the change in weather.  My balance was off today, could not get my balance poses grounded.  Was a little heavy on the outside of my feet.  Also I have a left hamstring/groin issue – holding something in there…. Also not sure what.  Also I want to tell the kids what I am doing and get their support and involvement, on some level.

I am very excited…buckle up…


 I am in my 11th year practicing yoga at the colts neck hot yoga studio.   I reflect on this time and realize that starting yoga was one of the absolute best decisions that I have ever made in my life.   I truly believe that yoga and the changes it brings about in ones mind and body are the closest thing to the fountain of youth.  I often say that I think that the biggest factor in projecting a youthful vibe is the way a person moves and yoga keeps your body supple and helps me move like I did as a kid at the age of 49.  But beyond that, there are so many layers to how a consistent yoga practice has changed my life.  All I can say is that I was a gym rat, 5 days a week for about 20 years, prior to walking into colts neck yoga.  It took me a year to finally wean myself off the gym that I thought I needed to stay in shape.  I quickly found out that I was in the best shape of my life when I did yoga only.

 As far as Ann and her studio, well, her studio is the original.  It was the only studio in the area when I started (before yoga was even popular).   Ann and her teachers are all amazing, extremely professional and ridiculously consistent and they always keep the yoga and the studio fresh.  I am so happy that Ann has brought in vinyasa & flow classes as well as the hot in the past year.   I wish that I had started yoga when I was a child, then I would have never lost that flexibility but I am happy that I found it when I did because it makes me feel like a kid every day. Thank you Ann, for giving us a place to rejuvenate our bodies and spirits.

*** Tips for first time people doing hot yoga are to drink a full sports bottle of water before you enter the room.  Bring another full bottle for during class. Bring a washcloth.  Wear as little clothing as you feel comfortable in.  For the first few classes,  position your mat near the bathroom door, it’s about 10 degrees cooler there.  In time you will crave the heat & move more towards the center.   Very important to breathe through your nose only, this takes a while to master but makes yoga much easier.  Keep your lips touching & breathe through your nose : ) A hot class is always the first type I want after I beat my body up skiing, dancing or traveling.  One class gets me back in sync.

Lori Harvey
Cols Neck, NJ


Dear Ann & Colts Neck Hot Yoga Staff-

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to take the 30 day yoga challenge.  It was an amazing and life changing experience.  I'll admit, I went into it a little bit skeptical thinking there was no way I could do 30 days of yoga in a row, nor would want to.  However, I found myself challenging my body and brain to get there everyday.  By the end of the 30 days, I was ready for more.  In the past, I always thought I couldn't attend classes on evenings or weekends because of my other life responsibilities.  Little did I know, I could make it work.  The "world" would not stop if I wasn't home one evening or weekend day.  My family survived and was quite capable of handling things on their own.  With a little bit of effort and support from everyone, I was able to complete my challenge.  My family even commented that I was less uptight and had more patience with them.

The 30 day challenge strengthened my yoga practice.  I was able to experience the different teachers Colts Neck Hot Yoga has to offer which helped me walk away with more knowledge of the proper form, as well as better focus and determination.   As a result my body is more flexible, stronger and healthier. I am now more dedicated to practicing hot yoga and feel more centered, grounded and balanced as an individual, spouse and parent.  Thank you!!!!!

P.S.  Love the new Flow classes on Thursdays!!

Debbie Simels


Yoga…isn’t that when people twist themselves into pretzels or sit cross-legged chanting?  

Not exactly…it is an unbelievable full body workout that strengthens and tones plus it helps to melt away tension and calm the mind.  That’s what I learned after taking the 30-day challenge.  It all started when I finally got the nerve to take my first class.  The second class was free, so going back was a no-brainer.  I enjoyed it so much that I signed up for 10 days.  I began to notice changes in my muscle tone within the first week.  I liked what I saw and how I was feeling so much that I wanted more, thirty days in a row.  Making the time wasn’t too difficult.  The poses on the other hand vary.  Some of the poses are familiar for instance the runner’s cross stretch.   Other poses are more challenging, but that’s why I look forward to practicing.  The instructors are always watching and they are quick to demonstrate proper form in front of the class and they walk among the group and give more personal attention to each student in the class, new students and veterans alike, as needed to improve each individual’s practice and to ensure no one injuries himself or herself by practicing a move the wrong way. Now in addition to better muscles tone, I have better balance and feel more centered.  I’m hooked.

Dina LoPiccolo
Colts Neck, NJ


This summer was the first time I had ever attempted yoga, I
entered the room feeling very nervous and unsure about my decision to
participate in a seemingly strange activity. Working out in a sauna sounded a
bit extreme and while I sat waiting for class to start all I could think was
‘Geese, it’s really hot in here’. I also noticed that as the class filled up I
was the youngest in the room at 17, and again felt uneasy about having already
signed up for the 30 days. However,  as soon as the instructor walked in and we
began our breathing exercises I instantly felt focused and relaxed. The practice
was hard to get through but when it was over all I could think about was how
excited I was to come back almost everyday for the next month. I was excited
because of the mental and physical benefits of the practice, but also to gain a
deeper understanding of all the poses, and to improve. I wouldn’t say that every
practice became easier by any means, but as I am still learning to do the poses
correctly I become even more motivated and involved. I find that I am driven to
push myself farther each time I enter the room. The environment at CNY is
friendly, motivational, and relaxing. I couldn’t ask for a better experience.

Thank you to Ann and all the instructors for your time, help, and enthusiasm.

~Anna Nti Asare


It is Brittany Cavanaugh and I just wanted to send you my 30 day challenge testimonial.

The first time I entered Colts Neck Hot Yoga it felt like a home to me. You feel this amazing energy around you; so warm and welcoming. I have been practicing yoga on and off for about eight years and when I saw the 30 day challenge I knew I had to try it. The challenge moved me. Not only am I physically stronger and in better shape; I have more control over my mind. It has helped me in my life – for the first time I know how to calm my mind down in stressful situations and I feel an internal sense of happiness and peace that I have never felt before. I have learned what my body needs and what it can and can not do. Each day during the challenge I learned more about myself and grew as a person. I learned how amazing you feel when you bring your body and mind together during practice. I have more energy and feel grateful for each pose my body is able to do for the day. It was a great experience and I would definitely do it again. Thanks to the wonderful teachers and amazing energy from everyone that enters the class.

Thank you all so much for your help and support. This place that I feel at home at has changed my life and I am so grateful to practice here.

All my love,
Brittany Cavanaugh